CalTravel has launched a grassroots outreach program to increase our communication, collaboration, and advocacy efforts within the travel and tourism industry. The Ambassadors act as the “glue” to connect CalTravel members with information, other CalTravel members, resources, events, and, most importantly, relationships with legislators in their regions. At CalTravel events, the Ambassadors also serve as liaisons to guide and introduce new attendees or members to CalTravel information and people.
What we ask of Ambassadors:
  • Meet with your state legislators in your district at least once per year to introduce yourself and share a few key talking points (provided by CalTravel) on the importance of travel and tourism to jobs, revenue, and tax proceeds in the state
  • Attend Rally Day in Sacramento each February (part of our Winter board meeting), when we descend on the Capitol for group meetings with CalTravel members and legislators, and attend a CalTravel legislative reception afterwards to reinforce the importance of tourism to legislators in Sacramento
  • Serve as local resources to share industry issues with CalTravel, and to share CalTravel news with other members
  • Reach out to other travel and tourism contacts in your area and introduce them to CalTravel for potential membership

It’s easy, it’s a great way to network in the travel and tourism industry, and it is valuable work that truly helps CalTravel in its mission of advocacy, collaboration, and education.

Please email Kelly at if you are interested in becoming an Ambassador yourself, or if there is someone at your organization or in your community you would like us to reach out to.


Amy Blaschka

Andrea Caldwell

Brad Calkins

Jodi Cumming

Chuck Davison

Diana Elmore

Mia Falkenstein

Melyssa Laughlin

Whitney Lennon

Karen Lippe-Ferrell

Tracy Farhad

Nichole Farley

Shawn Fisher

Leslee Gaul

Marilyn Hannes

Jerri Harris

Alan Humason

Misti Kerns

Lisa Mayo

Estelle Miller

Ted Molter

Richard Peterson

Kelly Powers

Michael Reitzell

Mina Robertson

Wes Rhea

Chelle Rupp

Rhonda Salisbury

Debbie Sipe

Scott Slocum

Barbara Steinfeld

Alan Suchodolski

Jennifer Talt Lundin