Purpose and Priorities

The primary function of the Government Relations Committee (GRC) is to promote the mission of CalTravel through engagement in the public policy development process on behalf of its membership.

Our advocacy priorities for 2018 are:

  • Promote California as a visitor destination
  • Facilitate travel to and within California
  • Support responsible long-term development projects that directly impact the travel industry
  • Protect the travel and tourism industry from unnecessary costs of doing business
  • Ensure an equal playing field for fair competition in a rapidly changing industry
  • Support legislation that enhances and improves the overall visitor experience throughout California

Complete description of bills we are engaging on in 2018 is here.

See CalTravel’s GRC Charter here.

See CalTravel’s one-page Speaking Points here. This is a handy summary for meetings with your legislators, member outreach, etc.

If you are interested in joining the committee, please email Barb Newton, bnewton@caltravel.org.

2017 CalTravel letters:

AB 978 Asm. Floor Alert

AB 1099 (Gonzalez Fletcher) ASM Approps Oppose Coalition

AB 1031 (Waldron) Letter of Support Asm Approps

AB 478 (Waldron) Letter of Support for Asm Approps

AB 479 (Gonzalez Fletcher) Spirits Tax Coalition Letter Assm. Rev Tax Oppose Coalition

AB 978 (Limon) Asm. Approps. Oppose Coalition

SB 300 (Monning) Labeling Law Oppose Coalition

ACR 50 CalTravel and CalChamber Coalition letter

AB 297 (Levine) Alcoholic Beverage License Letter of Support

AB 629 (Harper) Alcoholic Beverage License Letter of Support

AB 25 (Nazarian) Letter of Support Asm Communications and Conveyance

ACR 50 U.S.-China Tourism Year Letter of Support

SB 270 (Atkins) Human Trafficking Awareness Training Letter of Support

SB 384 (Wiener) Hours of Operation Letter of Support

SB 466 (Bates) Rental Car Vehicles Amber Alert Letter of Support 

AB 1185 (O’Donnell) Rental Car Vehicles GPS Letter of Support

2017 Biz-Travel Fishing Coalition Letter of Support

Alaska Airlines SF Acting Assistant Secretary Letter of Support

Alaska Airlines San Diego Acting Assistant Secretary Letter of Support

Alaska Airlines LA Acting Assistant Secretary Letter of Support