CalTravel has launched a grassroots outreach program to increase our communication and collaboration efforts within the travel and tourism industry. The Ambassadors act as the “glue” to connect CalTravel members with information, other CalTravel members, resources, and events in their regions. At CalTravel events, the Ambassadors also serve as liaisons to guide and introduce new attendees or members to CalTravel information and people. Our Ambassador roster boasts over 20 committed and well-informed members who function in three primary capacities:

As Spokespeople

Ambassadors offer advocacy, support, and information to local, regional, and state representatives, and at industry events. To disseminate information, the Ambassadors act as conduits to inform travel and tourism stakeholders of various CalTravel events and activities. Ambassadors can also function as area experts to address industry issues, state, national and/or international trends/issues.

As Representatives at Regional Industry Events

Ambassadors participate in regional marketing association events to assist with organizational strategy and to support local activities. They encourage other CalTravel members to participate as well.

To Assist in the Growth of CalTravel

Through service in local organizations, Ambassadors may become aware of prospective members and work with CalTravel staff to communicate member benefits and grow membership.

My First Ambassador Experience, by Amy Blaschka, President, RPB Consulting:

“I hosted my annual meeting and membership luncheon this past August where over 200 industry and government professionals learned of this innovative outreach program. During my presentation I stressed the importance of leveraging strategic partnerships at a local, regional and state level and that everyone can – and should – get involved. I talked about my recent appointment as an Ambassador, explaining how this was beneficial to CalTravel but also to my constituents in the room, defined CalTravel’s mission statement, discussed the differences between CalTravel and CTTC, and how they worked together to promote California tourism.”

To learn more about the Ambassador program, please contact Kelly Powers, co-chair, at, or Richard Peterson, co-chair, at



Amy Blaschka Pleasanton

Brittney Carter Sacramento

Jodi Cumming San Francisco

Mia Falkenstein Marina Del Rey

Shawn Fisher Fallbrook

Leslee Gaul Oceanside

Misti Kerns Santa Monica

Melyssa Laughlin Vacaville

Whitney Lennon Mammoth Lakes

Karen Lippe-Ferrell Irvine

Lisa Mayo Calaveras

Dan McKernan Big Bear Lake

Estelle Miller San Francisco

Ted Molter San Diego

Richard Peterson Santa Monica

Kelly Powers San Francisco

Wes Rhea Stockton

Rhonda Salisbury Oakhurst

Debbie Sipe Auburn

Tere Stamoulis Long Beach

Alan Suchodolski San Diego

Jennifer Talt Lundin Ventura